The Range

The Range by Juan Verduzco
The Range, a photo by Juan Verduzco on Flickr.


Dry Life

Dry Life by Juan Verduzco
Dry Life, a photo by Juan Verduzco on Flickr.

Sunday bike rides take you to some arid places. Where have you guys been this gone lately?

Mudra Mindfulness

Mudra Mindfulness by Juan Verduzco
Mudra Mindfulness, a photo by Juan Verduzco on Flickr.

This is a mural done by the URBANISTS Collective ( in Visalia, CA on the corner of Oak and Bridge. I’m pretty sure it was done during this year’s Taste The Arts Festival, but I was out of town that weekend, so I didn’t see it being done. Hopefully one of them can enlighten me on the details.

Dawn Of The First Day – 72 Hours Remain


OK, guys. It’s that time of the year. Wednesday will be our final meeting. I’m officially kind of sad now. 😦

First things first: Please bring everything you have that belongs to me. Most of you are keeping your cameras, but I’m still missing a Minolta X-700, its macro focuser and  a 135mm prime lens. Please bring those in as these are the only things I’m going to be keeping.

Second: My friends at Pita Kabob & Grill have donated a nice going away food platter for us and we’ll have that on Wednesday after we clean up the darkroom.

Third: Bring comfortable shoes. We’ll be cleaning the darkroom and sorting the equipment. Some of it belongs to me and some of it belongs to HEART.

I’m really not looking forward to parting ways with you guys, but I’m really glad you guys were a part of my class for the last couple of years. If I had to do the last 5 years of my life all over again, this is one of the handful things I wouldn’t change! I really mean that. Have a great week and good luck on your finals! See you all on Wednesday!

PhotoMenage Field Trip – Wednesday, May 29th!


As you all know, this has been an interesting year, but it’s not over yet! Don’t forget about our field trip to the PhotoMenage photography studio downtown tomorrow! I have several permission slips from a few of you but I’m still short a few. Here are a few questions that I’m sure are bound to come up in your bright little heads, so allow me to answer them for you ahead of time so that we’re all on the same page:

“Juan, I forgot my permission slip. Can I still go?”

No. You can hang out at the lounge though! We’ll miss you and see you when we get back or on Friday; our final printing day.

“Juan, where are we supposed to meet? You weren’t in J-12 last time.”

That’s because we were supposed to meet at the MW gate last time and no one showed up because everyone went to J-12 and then the lounge. WE ARE MEETING AT THE MW GATE.

“Juan, what time do we meet at the MW Gate?”

We will meet at the MW Gate at 3:30. If you’re not there by 3:30, we begin our perilous caravan across the Highway 198 Wasteland to meet up with the nomadic Tribe of Redwood without you. 

“Juan, I have my permission slip but my mom/dad/uncle/babysitter (circle one please) forgot to sign it. Can I just sign it for them and be good to go?”

NO. We’ve been over this. A forged signature or, so help me heaven, your dog’s paw print is not a suitable release of your parents to my care for the 2 hours you’re with me outside of the school. PLEASE have a proper permission slip ready!

Anyway, I hope to see you all tomorrow on time! Please make sure you bring your camera with you and I will have your film ready for you. Please remember to load the black and white film into your camera first so that you can (try to) finish the roll during the workshop and I can take them home and develop them that night.

WE COME FROM THE STREETS: A Street Photography Workshop!


Hello, troops! Sorry I haven’t been around lately. I’ve been helping out my friends over at Redwood HEART for a week and, while I was here, we decided to have an end-of-the-year field trip for our photography classes from all three high schools. For those of you who attended the lighting workshop earlier in the school year, you’ll know the drill:

May 29th, 2013 @ 3:30pm in front of the MW Gate

We leave campus to meet up with Redwood’s photography class right at 3:30. We’ll meet up with them at Redwood and then go downtown to meet up with Golden West’s photography class and then we do our thing and be awesome at it.

If you’re late and don’t have a permission slip for this, you are not going. Simple as that. This particular workshop will focus on street photography and how to better use your cameras to take pictures on the street and in different lighting conditions. I’ll be sending out permission slips to you guys via email as soon as I have them.

Please do not forget your cameras! If you no longer plan to attend this class or this workshop, please bring me your camera before the 29th so I don’t have to send your parents a bill for it.

Anyway, I hope you’re all well and I hope to see you guys as soon as I’m done helping out my peeps at Redwood.

No Printing This Friday

I’m sorry I won’t be there tomorrow, guys. I’m very sick and will be likely be joining the ranks at Kaweah Delta Hospital. I’m hoping to be okay and be around so we can print again on Wednesday.

P.S.: If you left film with me, it’s all developed in the cabinet. We’ll set up again on Wednesday.