What Does America Look Like To Young People Today?


Well… That’s just what the New York Times wants to find out. This is a photo contest open to high school students all across the country and is held every year by the New York Times in which you all take pictures of your neighborhoods, your schools, your friends, your family—basically, your lives—and I would love for each of you to have an opportunity to submit something to it. This is your chance for your pictures to be seen on a national level!

“Since we are soliciting submissions from teenagers in high school photography classes and community programs, participants must either be enrolled in high school or be 14 to 18 years old. All submissions must be uploaded under the supervision of a photography class teacher or program instructor by the May 1 deadline.”

They are not accepting any entries until March 30th because they really want you to take your time and really think about what you want your pictures to say about your lives and the lives of your community. So start taking film, loading your cameras and documenting your lives, folks! Really take your time and compose your shots, really start paying attention to the world around you and shoot it really, really well. I’ll be  here to develop (or help you develop) your film every Wednesday & Friday as usual.


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