PhotoMenage Field Trip – Wednesday, May 29th!


As you all know, this has been an interesting year, but it’s not over yet! Don’t forget about our field trip to the PhotoMenage photography studio downtown tomorrow! I have several permission slips from a few of you but I’m still short a few. Here are a few questions that I’m sure are bound to come up in your bright little heads, so allow me to answer them for you ahead of time so that we’re all on the same page:

“Juan, I forgot my permission slip. Can I still go?”

No. You can hang out at the lounge though! We’ll miss you and see you when we get back or on Friday; our final printing day.

“Juan, where are we supposed to meet? You weren’t in J-12 last time.”

That’s because we were supposed to meet at the MW gate last time and no one showed up because everyone went to J-12 and then the lounge. WE ARE MEETING AT THE MW GATE.

“Juan, what time do we meet at the MW Gate?”

We will meet at the MW Gate at 3:30. If you’re not there by 3:30, we begin our perilous caravan across the Highway 198 Wasteland to meet up with the nomadic Tribe of Redwood without you. 

“Juan, I have my permission slip but my mom/dad/uncle/babysitter (circle one please) forgot to sign it. Can I just sign it for them and be good to go?”

NO. We’ve been over this. A forged signature or, so help me heaven, your dog’s paw print is not a suitable release of your parents to my care for the 2 hours you’re with me outside of the school. PLEASE have a proper permission slip ready!

Anyway, I hope to see you all tomorrow on time! Please make sure you bring your camera with you and I will have your film ready for you. Please remember to load the black and white film into your camera first so that you can (try to) finish the roll during the workshop and I can take them home and develop them that night.


2 thoughts on “PhotoMenage Field Trip – Wednesday, May 29th!

  1. I died laughing at “or, so help me heaven, your dog’s paw print,” twice. Once when I read it to myself and once when I read it aloud to Colin, who wanted to know why I was cackling.

    There’s something sort of comforting in knowing that kids are kids all over.

  2. Juan does this mean that I can sign the permission slip with a cat’s paw print, or the finger prints of somebody?? List all restrictions Juan. We will find loop holes.

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