Equipment Return

It’s that time of the year again, guys. That time that is awesome for you because you’re off to summer vacation but awful for me because we don’t get to hang out in the darkroom again until August. 😦

That time, of course, is the time to start returning all the cameras and other equipment (lenses, filters, unused film, etc.) that you have checked out from me. You have until Tuesday June 5th (the day before the last day of school) to return anything you have at home. If you still have a roll of film in your camera, finish it and bring it in along with your camera so I can develop it since we’ll still be meeting on Tuesday to pick up your final negatives and maybe develop some prints. Any negatives not picked up, will be thrown away and the contact sheet sleeves will be recycled for next year.

IMPORTANT: If you do not return a camera or extra equipment to me on (or before) June 5th, you will be charged full price for the item. I know which students have what items and if we have to bill your parents for lost equipment I’m sure they won’t like that too much. 


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