Downtown Photo Walk

Downtown Fox Theater in Visalia

Thursday’s meeting will be our second-to-last meeting and I have arranged to have a little photo walk/photo scavenger hunt that will take place in Downtown Visalia. We will meet in Room J-12 and leave at 3:45pm. Bring your assigned camera and make sure you have enough room to carry a few rolls of film. We will be walking around Downtown Visalia to shoot pictures and maybe get some food. Bring a few dollars with you if you plan on getting some food. Otherwise, snack will be provided when we get back to campus. We will also have a chaperone on hand, just in case.

If you’re not there for launch at 3:45, I feel bad for you, son! We got 99 problems, but waiting ’round ain’t one.

For those of you who came by class today, you probably already got a permission slip for this mini-field trip. For those of you who either didn’t get one or want to come with us, download this form, print it out and have a parent sign it. If I don’t have a signed permission slip for you, you’re staying on campus. NO EXCEPTIONS. 


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