ABSOLUTE DEADLINE for the Sweet Dreams Fundraiser & Art Show!

Sweet Dreams: Bringing Out The Kid At HEART

Remember! Tomorrow (May 22nd) will be the last day that we’ll be doing enlargements in the dark room for the Sweet Dreams Fundraiser & Art Show! I will be in the darkroom at lunch for those of you who want to come in to get some extra enlarging time; chemicals will be set up and ready for you to work. If you do not have time to come in and make a print, come and see me tomorrow and make arrangements with me to have a print made of one of your chosen negatives.

If all goes well, I’ll see you all tomorrow during lunchtime and/or after school. 😉

P.S.: For those of you who left undeveloped film rolls with me, you should know that all your negatives are freshly-developed, ready and drying in the cabinet outside the darkroom in Room J-12. Make a contact sheet as soon as you get here. If you have any questions about how to make a contact sheet, come and see me.


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