New Darkroom Layout

Here are the couple of changes to the darkroom layout as of tomorrow.

We will no longer be drying our negatives in the washroom. Too many people are developing film at the same time and we only have 5 drying hangers in the washroom. From now on, after you process your film and remove it from the PhotoFlo solution tank, take the film outside the darkroom and into the computer lab. To the right of the revolving entrance is a small cabinet with a sturdy wire line inside and plenty of wooden clothespins; use one to hold the top of the negative and another one to weigh the bottom half down.

Lastly, our paper development station will no longer sit on the table to the right of the entrance to the development room, but rather immediately to the left of the revolving entrance upon entering the darkroom. The reason for the change is that this new location has several different safelight sources and it’s far easier to see your prints in the trays while developing. The timing clock has been moved to this new location as well.

For those who came in during lunch on Friday, you know that my guest Stephanie and I spent the better part of the afternoon developing all your negatives. Please make sure you leave her your thanks in the comments or replies for taking time out of her afternoon to help me.  If you gave me film at one point in the past month and still don’t have any of it developed, chances are I have your negatives dry and ready to be picked up tomorrow as soon as you arrive. The paper development station will be ready by the time you get here so that we don’t waste any time preparing one at the beginning of class.

If all goes well, I’ll see you all tomorrow right at 3:30! See you all there! 😀


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