IMPORTANT: Class is suspended temporarily!

Pretty much what the title says. Mr. Stahl is using the computer lab for CAHSEE preparation classes after school and, in order for us to not be in their way, our class will be put on hold until the second week of February. I’m also looking at changing the days we meet, but that’s something that we’ll have to arrange at a later date. This will also give us some time to get our new (to us) cameras (Quite a few assorted Canon EOS cameras) and miscellaneous equipment which were purchased with a loan from Rick & Kari at Roots Collective. We also got a handful of donations from various reddit users who were kind enough to selflessly give us a few cameras (assorted older SLRs, lenses and film), to help our class. My personal Canon Rebel 2000, my dad’s Pentax KX, and a Canon EOS K2 that my friend Danny gave me to repair will also be thrown into the donation pile. I hope you all pay this favor forward in the future.

So, again, WE WILL NOT BE MEETING UNTIL THE SECOND WEEK OF FEBRUARY. However, you are welcome to come and find me at the Student Lounge and bring your personal cameras (if you have them) to hang out and talk shop. I will have a few rolls of film with me at all times and you are welcome to find me there to grab one if you need one.

FINAL REMINDER: If you still have a camera, or know anyone that has one, make sure it gets returned immediately, as we are a week past our return deadline. Return all cameras to me at the STUDENT (Room S-12) or, if you absolutely have to leave right as the bell rings, leave it at the attendance office during the regular school day. Please make sure to leave me your email address as well so I can email you updates on the status of class. 

For those of you who actually came around to this blog entry, I will now reward you with a picture of Pleepleus; a stuffed monkey that lives on top my TV while judging me on my horrible taste in movies:

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