“And they sailed the seas on a sieve”

My Photoshop class is basically a bust. I’m starting to think that maybe our students aren’t as easily persuaded by cheap Adobe tricks. I spoke to Jeff (our principal) today and I asked him what he would think about letting me use the same room I’m currently in with the darkroom and wet lab. He told me it would be great since no one was using that anyway and he was all for increasing our attendance any way possible. My next task, as per his advice, is to talk to Mr. Boucher — the current digital photography teacher  and yearbook advisor — about letting me into the cabinet with all the old camera equipment. I’ll probably talk to him on Monday during his free period and see what we got in that dungeon.

It’s dark and dusty in there but it’s a large enough room for a good 10 students at a time. This will prove to be an addiction. I can feel it. 😀


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